5 Affordable Networking Groups for Women Entrepreneurs

Photo: Getty Images.

Whether you’re launching a new brand, looking for a wider professional perspective, or exploring roles outside your industry, your network is everything.

There are times when the professional world can feel a little … unsteady. Like me, you’ve probably opened your LinkedIn feed recently to find stories from talented people who, quite unexpectedly, are #opentowork.

What’s really blown me away about so many of these posts is how quickly contacts and colleagues have jumped in with words of encouragement–and, more important, specific ways they can help (people I know have found new roles in this way).

This really drives home for me just how powerful our networks are–and how instrumental it is to cultivate those strong and positive relationships at every stage of our career path. It’s estimated that a whopping 85 percent of jobs are filled through networking. And since 70 percent of jobs aren’t even posted publicly, you need to be plugged in with the right people in order to hear about opportunities.

At the content marketing agency I co-founded, networking has been an invaluable tool. In fact, nearly all of the clients we’ve landed have come through networking, whether that’s my personal network, professional network, or events like the WICMAs and Content Marketing World. We’ve also met some incredibly talented new contractors and employees through networking.

Over the past six or seven years, I’ve noticed a rise in networking groups that focus specifically on supporting women at all stages in their careers. I love seeing that because in both the pre- and post-pandemic worlds, it’s been fairly challenging for women to find the time and spaces to network in ways that will advance their careers.

Since I couldn’t advocate more strongly for networking opportunities in supportive spaces (both in person and online), I’m sharing some of my favorite women-focused networking groups here.


Ellevate’s motto states that “You don’t have to do everything alone.” I like the sound of that. This network prioritizes authentic relationships to reduce wasted time and increase potential partnerships and meaningful connections. Ellevate’s personalized program is designed to help you at any stage in your career through roundtable discussions, curated mastermind squads, chapter meetups, and community circles. The organization offers free guest passes to try it out, and full memberships start at $40 a month.

Female Founder Collective

I love to see that there are more and more women business owners: 42 percent of businesses in the U.S. are now women-owned. And the fact is, female founders learn from one another and help one another’s businesses grow. So the more they can connect, the better it is for all. With this in mind, the Female Founder Collective launched in 2018, supporting female entrepreneurs by offering assistance with marketing, operations, and leadership. The FFC also provides access to different funding opportunities and partnerships. Seasonal membership is $68 per month, or you can gain full access for $619 a year. There’s also a free newsletter that promotes weekly events and workshops.


What started as a luncheon of 34 has blossomed into a community of 100,000 professional women. Women of Color in Communications, known as ColorComm, focuses on boosting the voices of women of color nationwide. The platform focuses on addressing diversity and inclusion across the industries of communications, marketing, advertising, and media. Members can learn from and support others who have had similar experiences and ultimately help one another grow in their careers. In fact, 100 percent of members say the group has helped them make at least three new business connections; 74 percent report they’ve gotten a raise within a year of signing up. You can join this powerful support network for a one-time initiation fee of $250 and an annual membership fee of $250.


This social and networking community is one of the first of its kind to center around motherhood: Founders Amri Kibbler and Katya Libin noticed something was missing in other networking groups they were in, so the two sought to fight against the stigma of the working mom by building a place where they could lift one another up. And they seem to have filled a gap; the community has thousands of members (including me!) taking part in both in-person and virtual events like workshops and happy hours. Current membership starts at $39 per month, or $399 a year.

Lean In Circles

You may be familiar with Lean In’s studies that measure the state of women in the workplace, but the organization also has Lean In Circles all over the country that meet up monthly for peer mentorship. Members help one another build skills and work through barriers they may be facing at work. Lean In offers free training for would-be leaders of Circles to ensure members are realizing their full potential and learning to inspire and guide others. The best part? Creating or joining a circle is free, and Lean In provides all the materials you need to get started.